Product Update: Eliminating Resume-only Postings

Back in May, 2017 we released improvements to the Fitzii Assessment that made it:

  • More efficient in screening for skills & experience
  • More useful for evaluating personality & environment fit
  • More flexible, with customizable personality profiles and scoring settings


We also started tracking hiring status when jobs were closed, and the results are eye-opening: People who use the Fitzii Assessment are almost 3x more likely to have made a hire, compared to those who are only screening resumes. Sadly, 34% of the time the resume-only users "didn't find a candidate who was a great fit." [Heart breaking to hear!]


Fitzii exists to help small & medium sized businesses hire better. Because resume-only postings are clearly less effective than the Fitzii Assessment, we have made a decision: As of December 1st, 2017 we will stop offering resume-only postings. 


Here’s What’s Happening 

To ease the transition, we have loaded every Fitzii platform account with one free credit for the Fitzii Assessment for every three resume-only postings the organization has used in the last year (up to five free).


Pricing for one Fitzii Assessment posting will remain the same at $195, but we have deeper discounts for buying in bulk:

  • 3 credits for $410 (Save 30%)
  • 5 credits for $488 (Save 50%)
  • 10 credits for $680 (Save 65%)


We’re also offering free assistance in setting up your Fitzii Assessment postings for optimal results. Remember, Fitzii is a hiring solution (not just software) that includes access to knowledgeable Hiring Advisors and services, which increase your chances of hiring by nearly 4x. The Hiring Advisor is there to help, and we hope you use them.


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