Using Fitzii with my existing Workopolis account

If you are using Fitzii in combination with an existing Workopolis account, this article will explain how to ensure applicants from your Workopolis postings are directed to correct place to apply. This ensures that all candidates take the assessment and are captured in your candidate pool. The process detailed below shows the steps for a manual posting to Workopolis. If you have an automatic feed, please show this article to your IT person who set up the feed and they will be able to add the required information to the automated postings.


1. Create a new posting on Fitzii

2. Copy or make a note of the share link in the 2nd panel
3. Create your Workopolis posting as normal with the following additional steps:
a. Insert the share link into the job description (Step 1 of the Job Posting process on Workopolis), replacing the ?s=r at the end of the linkwith ?s=wk so you can identify candidates that find your job on Workopolis. You can choose to just display the link itself or place it inside a html tag to display alternative text. An example of both of these approaches is shown below.



You can also copy and paste these examples below. In this case ensure that the posting number is changed to match the current job posting

<a href="">Apply Here</a>

b. On step three of the posting process, ensure that only the "By another method" check-box is selected. This ensures all applicants will be directed to apply via the same route.


You can then complete your Workopolis posting.

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