Getting more applicants for your job posting

Sometimes you may not receive the quantity of applicants that you were hoping for or need for a particular posting.There are two main ways to boost the number of applicants for a particular posting.

1. Add additional advertising

In the Job Manager click on the Find More button located to the right of the graphs under the applicant totals. [If you have hidden the graphs, you will need to click on Show Graphs to see the button.] 



The premium sourcing options page will be displayed. The sourcing options already used will be indicated. You can add new sourcing options by clicking on the Add to Cart buttons. The newly selected choices will appear in your cart. Click review and pay to view a summary of your choices and make the necessary payment.

Your job will appear on the newly added job boards within 24 hours.


2. Add your own additional sourcing options

In the Job Manager click on the View Posting link at the top right. The original posting will be shown, click on Share. The links on this page can be taken and posted on other sources that may be particularly relevant for the open position. For more details on using this link see "Using the Apply Here link to direct candidates from other sources to the Fitzii application process."

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