Using the Apply Here link to direct candidates from other sources to the Fitzii application process

Fitzii offers fully integrated sourcing with a number of job boards that completely automates the posting of your jobs and directs candidates to the Fitzii application process. You can also post directly to your social media feeds and career site.

There may be specific niche job boards or other sources that you would also like to post to, however. This article provides a generic guide to using an "Apply Here" link to ensure that applicants from those other sources are directed to Fitzii to apply. There are also specific guides for the larger job boards (Monster, Workopolis, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, etc.) which can be found in the sourcing section on our support page.


1. Create a new posting on Fitzii


2. After submitting your posting, generate an Apply Here link
From the Share tab, use the drop down menu in panel 3 to select the source you will be posting to. This appends a "tag" on the end of the link to identify candidates from that source (in the format ?s=xx). Each source uses a different tag and so you should generate a new link for each source. 
Use the copy button to copy the link that appears in the field.
Please note that you can also access the "Link Generator" for previously posted jobs by clicking on the Find More button on the Job Manager and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.
3. Create your job board posting as normal with the following additional steps:
a. If the job posting process has a field to enter a url where candidates should apply, paste or enter the link from your posting. 

b. If there is no place to enter a url, insert the share link into the job description itself. You can choose to just display the actual link text,or place it inside a html tag to display alternative text. An example of both of these approaches is shown below


In both cases, you are also able to replace the text "apply" in the link with the text "job". This will direct applicants to the same posting but in the case of the job link the job description will be displayed by default as opposed to being accessible via a button on the landing page. The apply link should be used for instances where the applicants will be coming from a place where they have already seen the job description (e.g. a job board) and the job link when they are being directed from just a link or job summary (e.g. social media feed).

If no tag is specified, the source will be established based on the domain from which the applicant was referred (i.e. or assigned to "Other". Internal candidates and referred candidates will also be identified, but this info is collected as part of the application process and not established via the tags.



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