Export Candidates

Candidates can be exported from the Job Manager or the Database. This feature enables you to export the data for each candidate into a CSV file that can be opened in Excel or other spreadsheet program. It can also be used to upload the candidates into another system such as a HRIS, On-boarding tool or another ATS. In addition to exporting the data for each candidate, their resume and picture (if provided) can also optionally be exported.

1. Select the candidates to be exported. A range can be selected by holding down the shift key and selecting the first and last candidate in the range or all candidates can be selected by using the radio button at the top of the list.

2. Choose Export from the Action menu.



3. The Export pop-up is displayed. This confirms how many candidates your are exporting and provides the option to include the picture (if available) and the resume. Click on the Export button to continue.



4. A ZIP file will be created in the location your computer/browser is configured to save downloaded file to (usually a "downloads" folder). The folder may also be shown in your browser. In the folder will be the CSV file along with the resumes and pictures, if selected for export. Each resume and picture will be identified by a unique number and the name of the candidate so they can be linked back to the candidate.

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