Requisition Approval

Turning on this feature allows you to configure an approval pathway for all new postings. Postings cannot be made live until all members of the approval chain have given their approval. In order to activate this feature for the jobs that you post, please follow the steps below:

1. Activate the option - Under the Preferences tab in the Account menu, turn on the "Require company approval for job postings" option by selecting the radio button. You can also specify a default approval pathway that will be pre-populate the approval pathway for each new posting by clicking on the link.


Press Done to close the approval list modal and Save Changes on the Preferences tab.

2. Submit for Approval - With the option activated, Step 5 of the job posting process now displays the posting approval process:


You can either submit to the default people listed, or add and remove people as required. When you press Submit, emails will be sent to everyone on the list and the job status changes to Pending.

3. Getting Approval - The recipients of the email are required to click on a link and either approve or reject the posting. They are able to view a summary of the job and enter comments. The job will remain in Pending status until everyone has approved it, at which time you will receive an email notification. You will also be notified as soon as one person rejects the job and the job status will change to rejected. In this case you will need to edit the posting and re-submit for approval. Anybody rejecting the job is required to include a comment.

4. Viewing status and sending reminders - You can view the status of the approval process by opening the job and viewing Step 5. A clock icon indicates the email has been sent, a green check mark indicates approval granted, a red cross indicates rejected. Any comments are also shown, as well as an envelope icon that allows you to send a reminder.

5. Submitting the job - When all approvals have been given, you will receive an email and the job status will change to Approved. You can now click on the job and make it live by clicking on the Submit button.



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