What if I already have an account with a job board, such as Workopolis, Monster, LinkedIn or CareerBuilder?

You can continue to use your existing candidate sourcing relationships along with your Fitzii account. When you have posted a job, a "link generator" will be presented on the share page. You can use this tool to generate links to use with your existing sourcing providers to direct applicants to Fitzii to ensure all candidates get assessed and tracked in one place.

Generic instructions for using the link generator are given below. Detailed instructions for specific job boards can be found in the Sourcing forum.

1. Post a job as usual on fitzii.com

2. After submitting use the link generator to create link(s) for other sourcing channels

To create a link, select the location where you will be posting the job using the drop-down. Then press the Copy button to save it to your clipboard. A Careers Page link is available if you are not using the Fitzii career page functionality and are posting manually on your own site. Other custom links can also be included in this drop-down. Please see the article on "Creating Custom Sourcing Links" for more details.


3. Place the link in other sourcing channels

The link can be entered in the job description or a defined field that directs candidates where to apply (varies from job board to job board).  

If a defined field for entering the url is not available, the link can also be inserted into the job description using the html "href" tag in the format <a href=https://www.fitzii.com/apply/nn?s=xx>Apply Here</a> to display text such as "Apply Here" rather the link itself.

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