Why is my email address / link / fax number not visible in my posting?

In order for Fitzii to work effectively it is important that all applicants apply on-line. This ensures that every applicant is assessed against the criteria for that particular job. It also means you don't have to keep track of applicants from different sources (email, fax, other on-line tools, etc.) and can view, track and organize all applicants in one place.

To prevent multiple application channels, our system removes email addresses, fax numbers and other "apply here" links from the job postings. This prevents applicant confusion and ensures all applicants appear in your Job Manager view. General links (i.e. find out more about our company) are not removed, although be aware that these may lead applicants to other means of applying directly to the company.

If applicants do apply via another route, we recommend emailing them the apply link for Fitzii and asking them to complete their application on-line. To access this link follow these steps:

  1. From your Dashboard, open the job by clicking on it it. This should take you to the Job Manager
  2. Click on Find More to see the options for sharing the job
  3. Scroll down to the email section and click on Email This Job Listing
  4. Edit the email and send to the applicant
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