Why do you charge for Craigslist postings, aren't they free?

We handle Craigslist postings differently in the US and Canada.


In Canada we charge $15 for a Craigslist posting. It is free to post on Craigslist in Canada but the posting process is manual. This fee covers the cost of someone manually going through the posting process. If you'd rather do this yourself and save yourself $15 you can use the Link Generator after posting (available on the Share and Find More pages) to generate a Craigslist "Apply Here" link. You can then include this in the ad you post manually. 

If you post on your own in Craiglist make sure you check the no replies to this email option. 

United States:

For our US customers there are two Craigslist options available. One for SF Bay Area Craigslist which costs $85, which covers the Craigslist cost of $75 and a processing fee of $10. The other for $35, which covers the Craigslist cost of $25 plus the same processing fee. We realize that some areas offer free Craigslist postings, but have found that this applies to a very small fraction of the jobs we process. In this case, and any other time you'd like to avoid the processing fee, you can save money by using the Link Generator and posting on Craigslist yourself.

If you need any help figuring out how to use this send an email to: support@fitzii.com

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