What's the difference between a resume-only, assessment optional and assessment required posting?

On June 1, 2015 we added a significant feature to the Fitzii tool - the ability to allow applicants flexibility in how they apply. This article describes how to use the new feature.

Now when posting a new job (or duplicating an existing one) the first step is to choose the posting type:

For the first two options, the remainder of the posting process is the same as before. With the resume-only option, steps 2 and 3 are skipped.

When the job is submitted, applicants will be presented with the relevant application process, or a choice in the case of Assessment-optional. For Assessment-required, the Fitzii system works as before, however, for the other two options, there are some new features and display options.

For Resume-only postings, the Candidate Profile now displays just the resume:


The progress of each applicant can be tracked in the Progress Tracker and their status updated. They can also be shared. There is no interview guide available and the resume is printable via clicking on the Resume button (original document, if present, also available under Docs).

For Assessment-optional postings, there are a number of display and feature changes. Applicants can either apply quickly by just answering the eligibility questions, adding contact information and uploading a resume, or they can apply in full. In the Job Manager, applicants with a full application have a score, those with a resume-application don't:

Applicants with a resume-application still answer eligibility questions (if present) and so will be flagged as ineligible if they do not meet your minimum requirements.

When viewing a Candidate Profile for an applicant that has chosen to submit a resume-application, there are a number of differences:

  1. resume-applications do not include an impact statement or employment and education history. What is displayed instead is the status of a full application (started or not) and a button allowing you to invite an applicant to upgrade a quick application to a full one.
  2. In CAN do the job, the requirements are still shown, but there are no responses available from the candidate.
  3. In WILL do the job, the ideal ranges for the job are shown, but the applicant's scores relative to these are not available.
  4. In THRIVE on the job, the ideal ranges for the job are shown, but the applicant's preferences relative to these are not available.
  5. No Fitzii score is available and only scored applicants are ranked.
  6. Interview Guides are not available for applicants that haven't submitted a full application.

In addition to requesting candidates complete the full application from the Candidate Profile. This can also be done from the Job Manager. Select the applicant(s) and choose Request Full Application from the Action menu. In both cases the request will be recorded in the Progress Tracker and the applicant will receive an email and a notification on their Job Seeker Dashboard.

You can see on the Candidate Profile when a candidate has started a full application. When they submit it they will appear in bold in the Job Manager.


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