How do I see job postings from my team members?

Fitzii gives you the option to create teams within your account.Your Fitzii account administrator can create and administer teams, assigning users to them at any time. This is done from the Account > Users tab.

Everyone on a single team will be able to see the postings of everyone else on that team. To do that, select My Team in this drop down menu on your Dashboard:

The Fitzii account administrator will be able to see all jobs from all teams and has different options in the drop down menu pictured above.

The Fitzii account administrator can also give individual users access to all job postings in the account. 

To give individual users access to all job postings, click on the Account > Users tab, and click on the bar of the user you're granting more access. 

Click the button beside "Allow this user..." and then click submit. 

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