Why can’t I refresh my job postings for free?

We often get asked “how do I get my job back to the top of the search results?” Here are the answers broken down by job board:

Free sourcing – Our free sourcing partners do not allow postings to be “refreshed”. I.e. the same job resubmitted to the feed so it appears back at the top of the search results. This is to prevent continuous re-posting and a frenzy of activity with every single job continually being bumped up to the top. For this reason, the “renew” option is disabled in Fitzii for Free Sourcing.

Indeed (Free) – As with the other free sources, Indeed also blocks the same job from being resubmitted and may even reduce the visibility of other jobs from companies that try to do this repeatedly. Again this is to prevent the system from getting overloaded with the same jobs and protect jobseekers from spam. This option is therefore also blocked in Fitzii. Worth noting too, that if the same job is submitted from another source (e.g. posted manually) this will get ignored and may impact the visibility of other jobs from that company.

Indeed (PPC) – Adding or renewing an Indeed PPC budget is a good way to boost applicants, especially after the first week or so when the job has likely dropped down the organic search results.

Kijiji or Craigslist – Renewing on these job boards results in a new copy of the job ad being submitted. If the ad is renewed within 30 days of the original, the original will be removed to prevent duplicates (which can trigger the new ad to be flagged for removal).

Premium Job Boards (LinkedIn, Workopolis, Monster, Career Builder) – Renewing within 30 days of the original boosts the ad back to the top of the search results and makes it appears as a new posting. Only one ad will be active at a time. It is not possible to just “refresh” an ad without paying for a new posting to again prevent abuse.

What about closing and re-posting the job? Won’t that do it?

Yes, that should work. On Indeed, you can do this for free. On the premium job boards, you will need to pay for a new posting. 

What about re-posting the job while my original job is live?

This does not generally work. The free advertising providers look for duplicates and will likely ignore a job that is obviously a repeat posting (the exact “rules” by which jobs are judged as duplicates are not public, to prevent people bypassing them). For repeat offenders, it is likely that all jobs from that company will be blocked, even legitimate new postings, so we strongly advise not trying to beat the system. As above paying for new sourcing, always get you back to the top.

But what if I’m always looking to fill a certain job?

We (and the advertisers) know that there are legitimate reasons to refresh a job. We have customers that have roles that are always open and are looking to have a continuous stream of applicants. In these cases the rules that protect job seekers cause “false positives” and incorrectly flag legitimate postings. This is an unavoidable cost of preventing the system from being flooded with spam/duplicates. If you have one of these roles, our advice would be to renew on the premium job boards via renewing the advertising or reposting the job (the first option sends applicants to the same pool, the second to a new pool) and/or work with your Indeed account manager to have a consistent budget applied to that type of posting on your Indeed account. You can also use the Indeed PPC option within Fitzii, but Indeed will be able to tailor a package to your specific situation.

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