How do I write good skills & experience questions?

Here are some simple rules we suggest when deciding on questions for the experience section. 


  • Can only be answered yes/no. 
  • Typical examples are legal requirements, conditions of hire/position, physical or language ability. Used less frequently for skills, experience, education. 
  • TIP: For each Eligibility Question ask yourself: if the absolute perfect candidate appeared, but didn’t have this one thing, would they still be disqualified? If no, then make it a ‘skill’ they’re rated on. 

Skills and Experience 

  • Soft skills such as teamwork, communication skills or good interpersonal skills do not make good experience question as everyone will answer yes to these. Instead try to fit these qualities into the body your job ad.
  • There are three levels of question, e.g.

  1. Experience with Microsoft Excel

  2. Experience using Microsoft Excel to do accounting work

  3. Experience using Microsoft Excel including pivot tables, advanced formulas and  graphing in a corporate finance environment.

  • TIP: The format “experience doing ABC specific thing (in XYZ environment)” works well.
  • TIP: Use “level 3” questions to really focus on the skills needed for the job. Too many level 1 questions make it too easy for the candidates to rate themselves highly. * You don’t want to have too many questions. Five or six questions between skills and education is a good rule of thumb.
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