Creating and posting your first job ad


1) Job Details

  • First fill in your job details. Most are easy to figure out. Here are some special ones to pay attention to:
  • Job Title: Pick the most boring, common job title you can come up with. You want a title that jobseekers will be able to find when they are searching job boards.  So while you might call it an “efficiency elf” or “productivity prince or princess,” advertising it as an “executive assistant” or “office manager” will probably get you more applicants.  J
  • Job ID: Optional, for internal use.
  • Position: This will determine which psychometric profile to match the applicant’s answers against. Their answers to those questions will determine a large part of their Fitzii score. Make sure this is as accurate as possible.
  • Salary: You can choose to hide this by not clicking on the “Show Salary” button.
  • Company Name: You can choose to hide the company name for a confidential job search by unselecting “Show company & logo.”
  • ZIP/Postal Code: Should match the location of where the job will be.
  • Business Unit: Optional, for internal use.
  • Job Ad: Compose it directly in the software, or copy and paste from your Word program.
  • Company Logo: If you have not selected “show company & logo” above you can upload a logo.
  • Assessment: If you don’t know how many applicants you are going to get, we suggest leaving this optional. This way, if someone is in a rush they won’t pass over your job. You can always request that they fill out the assessment afterwards. If you do know you are going to have a lot of applicants, we would suggest making the assessment required. This helps limit your candidate pool to the people who are really interested in working for your company. 

 2) Experience

  • Here you’re entering information that will create the success profile which candidates are matched against.
  • Eligibility questions are knockout questions. Anyone who selects the incorrect answers will be considered ineligible for the job.  These candidates will be in the ineligible section of the job manager.
    • We suggest picking one to three questions
    • Select a question we have already prepared or just type your own question into the text bar. Select the answer you require, and add it to your list.
  • Skills & Experience, and Education. These directly affect how the candidates score.
  • Skills and Experience questions are the minimum level your ideal candidate would have. We recommend choosing between 3-8.
    • You add these questions the same way, but you can also select the minimum number of years and how important this skill is to the job.
  • Education & Qualifications
    • Add any educational requirements along with the matching level of importance.

 3) Environment

  • This represents a small portion of each candidate’s Fitzii score
  • Move each slider to match what your working environment is like - each candidate will fill out the same form and a small part of their Fitzii score will be determined by how closely it matches your own setting.

 4) Advertising (Select your Job Boards)

  • Here you add job boards to help get exposure for your job ad.
  • The Free Job Boards are SimplyHired and Glassdoor.
  • Indeed is also free to use, but you need to unlock it. Click on the “unlock” button to receive instructions on how we can help you with this.
  • The premium job boards (Workopolis, Monster, Linkedin and Careerbuilder) can be purchased for a great discount since we buy postings in bulk.
  • Add which ever ones you need to your cart.

 5) Services

  • Here you can add services to help make your hiring process more effective and efficient.
  • Managed Shortlisting: One week after your job is posted, Fitzii will send you a list of the most qualified candidates who have applied. We will keep doing this for 4 weeks total. This is really helpful when you know you’re going to get a lot of applications, or if you’re really busy and should be spending your precious time elsewhere.
  • Video Screening: Up to 30 shortlisted candidates can record video answers to five questions you select from our question bank. This allows you to see more people and get a fuller picture of who they are, resumes only show so much. You can review candidates whenever it’s convenient for you, and it allows you to be more objective since all candidates receive the same questions in the exact same tone of voice.
  • Reference Surveys: Get quick and real feedback from a wider range of references. The surveys are filled out anonymously, so references can say what they really think about your candidate. The price listed covers all of the references for your job, you are not charged individually for each reference who fills it out.
  • Researched Candidate List: Have us find candidates for your tough to fill positions. Then you can approach and entice them to join your amazing company.

 6) Submit

  • Enter your credit card information.
  • Then click on “Pay & Submit”
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