Job Posting Statuses

Job postings can have the following statuses. Some of these are set by the system and others can be specified by the recruiter.


System Set Statuses 

Status        Description  
Draft Newly created job postings are given the draft status if they are saved before completion.
Pending    If Requisition Approval is used, newly created jobs have a pending status until they have been approved by all reviewers.
Approved If Requisition Approval is used, newly created jobs have an approved status when all reviewers have approved the posting.
Rejected     If Requisition Approval is used, newly created jobs have a rejected status when any one reviewer has rejected the posting.
New Job postings that have been created, (optionally approved) and submitted are given the New status.
Open Job postings change status from New to Open when the first applicant applies for the job.


User Set Statuses

Status    Description   
Closed                                       Changing the job status to Closed prevents new applicants from applying for the position. It is usually done when an offer has been made and accepted. In some cases the job may be left open, for example if multiple hires are being made for one job. Closing the job is important for ensuring accurate reporting.
Archived Jobs can also be set as Archived. This is used for jobs where you want to keep a record of the job and associated information but not access it frequently. Archived jobs can still be viewed and copied to serve as templates for new postings.
Deleted Only Archived jobs can be deleted. Once this is done the job is permanently removed from your dashboard and cannot be recovered.
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