Emailing candidates

You can send emails to your candidates from within Fitzii and this allows you to track email communications (both sent and received emails). You can email candidates individually, or send emails to multiple candidates from the Job Manager or Database views:

1. Select candidates to be emailed

2. Choose Email from the action menu


3. In the modal that appears you can see details of the recipients

4. Select if you would like a copy of any replies to be forwarded to your email. This should normally be left turned on unless you don’t want to be notified of any responses and don’t need the option to reply (e.g. perhaps if sending out “position filled” emails to many applicants)

5. Optionally use one of your email templates (Email templates are managed under the Account > Preferences menu)

6. Edit the template email or enter a custom subject and message

7. Send to all selected recipients. Please note that every recipient receives a personalized version of the message and will not see the other recipient’s email address.

That’s the basics. If you’d like more details on how the emails appear to candidates and are tracked, keep reading.

The emails are sent using the name on the account and so each individual recipient will see something like:


Replies are captured in the Progress Tracker for each candidate.


If the forward email option is on, you’ll also receive a copy in your email inbox and subsequent emails that you exchange with the candidate will continue to be captured in the system.

It may be useful to know:

You can also email candidates individually from their Candidate Profile. Click on contact and then choose either system email, to use the functionality above, or direct email, to send them an email directly using your email software. Choosing the latter means no record of the email or any subsequent reply will be kept in the system.

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