How to schedule phone and in-person interviews?

We’re often asked how to schedule phone or in-person interviews.

There’s no one right way, but our email templates give you a simple way to schedule interviews quickly.

To invite a candidate to an interview, use the Invitation to a Phone Interview or Invitation to an Interview templates in the email function.

Here are the step-by-step instructions: 

1) From the Job Manager, select a candidate or several candidates.

2) From the Action menu, select Email.

3) In the From field, choose your own email address so candidates can reply to you.

4) Choose the appropriate invitation template. Customize the dates, times and anything else you’d like to edit. Fields marked with % symbols – like %jobtitle% will be automatically populated from your job posting.

5) Send your invitations and correspond with candidates as they reply.

Quick, responsive, enthusiastic communication with candidates is essential to maintaining the interest of your candidates, especially those who are in-demand and may get scooped up by other employers.

Note your email text will be saved automatically in the Progress Tracker, so you can refer back to your communication with that candidate.

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