How do I format a job ad in Fitzii?

Pasting a job ad from a word processor, or another website, into an internet application can be a very frustrating experience. It looks perfect in your word processor and then the formatting can completely change when you paste it in. Let's look at making it less painful, here's how.

When you compose a job ad in a word processor (like Microsoft Word), the word processor puts in HTML code that will change how it appears whenever you paste it on the internet. Here’s how to make your job ad look great on Fitzii and all of the job boards.

  1. When you create your job ad only use bold, italic, underline, and bullets.
  2. Do not use Word’s special “heading” or “style” formatting options, this puts in special HTML code that will not look good on the job boards (as they all interpret it differently).
  3. Copy and paste your job ad into Fitzii. Using the "paste as plain text" option removes all tags, but removes any formatting you have. It's often the best way to ensure no hidden html is present that may cause problems later though.
  4. Double check your line spacing so that it appears as you want it to. Ads transferred from Word often have extra spaces added it because of that invisible HTML mentioned above. That’s easy to fix manually by deleting them.
  5. If you have any other trouble, email before posting the job and we can help.

If you know HTML you can also edit the source code, by clicking on the source code button. 

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