Why is my job posting not showing up on aggregators, like Indeed?

Getting great exposure for your job ad is an essential part of your hiring process. Aggregators, like Indeed, have many job seekers coming to their board because they have worked so hard to promote a fair space where job seekers can find real jobs. Aggregators priotize the job seeker experience and use over 10,000 criteria to filter which jobs are allowed onto the board and what priority they will receive in visibility. Here are some of the common issues aggregators consider bad behaviour that can effect the quality rating of your job or get it removed. If your job gets removed because of these, it can take weeks to get back on. We want to help make sure this doesn't happen to you!

  1. Confidential job postings – even though there are great reasons to post a job confidentially, aggregators try not to list jobs without the company name. Their primary concern is jobseeker experience and they feel job seekers will have a better experience if they know who they are applying to.   
  2. Staffing Agencies – aggregators prefer to help people apply directly to they company will end up working at. 
  3. Deleting a job posting and resubmitting it to try and get it to the top – if aggregators notices this happening, they try to block the new occurence of the ad from appearing. It's not fair to the other employers if one person is always putting their ad at the top and it makes it more difficult for jobseekers if they keep seeing the same few ads over and over. 
  4. Posting the job more than once – sames as number three.
  5. Posting under a different company title than what you’ve been approved for – If you’ve submitted Fitzii as your primarcy source by filling out the last page of the “Fitzii Guide to Aggregators”, you have the ability to post to Indeed (through Fitzii) under the company names you submitted. If you submit a job under a different company name aggregators may block the posting. To add a new company name let your hiring success advisor know and we can take care of it for you.

Fitzii works directly with all of the aggregators, to make sure your jobs get up quickly and get good visibility. If you are having any trouble with this, talk to your Hiring Success advisor or send an email tosupport@fitzii.com.

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