How do I create custom links to share through email, social media or on other job boards?

Fitzii makes it easy to post on whatever job board you want while still giving you the opportunity to bring all job seekers back into Fitzii’s software. By creating a custom link and posting it on the job board, your Fitzii account can show you how many new applications came in from the board. 

You must be the account owner to create custom links. If you are not the account owner email: for help.

1) In the top right corner click on the “account” tab, above the “create a new job” button.

2) Click on the preferences tab.

3) Under the “Advanced Features” list, click the “Use custom job sources” button.

4) Click on “Manage the Job Source List.”

5) Type in the name of your custom source, click on the plus sign and then click “done.” This will close that pop-up window.

6) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “save changes” button.

7) Go back to your dashboard and click on the job.

8) Click the “Find More” Button.

9) Scroll down past the job boards and use the “select where you will use this link” drop down list.

10) Your new source should appear here, click on it.

11) Click the copy button and paste the link to your custom job board. 

That’s it!

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