Reviewing/Shortlisting your first candidates


Shortlisting using Fitzii:

Once you have some candidates you can start shortlisting.

1) Open the Office Manager Job by clicking on the job title.

2) Charts across the top of the page show us when applicants have applied, where our candidates came from, and stats on how many new applicants we have.

3) On the Job Manager you can begin to sort and filter your candidates. By default they are sorted primarily by status (New, Shortlisted, Undecided and Declined), and secondarily by descending Fitzii score. Click on the arrows in each column header to change the sorting.

4) A detailed look at a candidate:

  • Click on the candidate at the top of the job manager with the highest score.
  • The top part of the profile has basic information, documents and contact information.
  • We ask each candidate for an impact statement and also show their most recent employment and education.
  • We also mark each candidate on how well they did on the assessment.
  • When we want to see the details we scroll down.
  • The Can Do The Job Section comes from the Skills & Experience Questions we set up. Every candidate who says they are “very good” or “excellent,” has the opportunity to give an explanation.  Any candidate who is lower than the set standard is marked with a red square. 
  • Will Do The Job is the psychometric profile, which is a benchmark against the job position.
    • The grey area is where successful candidates typically score – the black line is where the applicant scored based on the questions they filled out.
  • Thrive on the job
    • the grey area is where we moved our sliders in the environment section to match our company culture.
    • The black or red line is where the candidate moved the slider to, to fit their ideal work culture.
  • The overall Fitzii score is weighted heavily from the Can do The Job and Will do the Jobsections, and just a little bit from Thrive on the Job.
  • To get even more information take a look at the Interview Guide
    • Just under the candidate’s picture click on “Int. Guide.”
    • Scroll down to see a candidate summary of each applicants Fitzii score, their most recent Employer and Education, and their Impact Statement
    • Further down is a summary of the Can Do the Job section, with some recommendations on how to follow up and learn more.
    • In the Will Do The Job and Thrive on the Job sections, each scale of the assessment is broken down to talk more about how each candidate fits with the job, and where they might find challenges. Further questions are suggested to follow up and find out more.
  • Based on all this information you should decide to check “decline,” “maybe,” or “shortlist”
  • Click “next” and go through the same process with the next highest scoring candidate
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