Compare Candidates

The Compare feature allows you to quickly compare multiple candidates and assess their relative strengths and weaknesses. It is accessed from the Job Manager View as follows:

1. Select candidates to compare.  Click to select the candidates you would like to compare. A range of candidates can be selected by using the shift key and clicking on the first and last in the range.

2. Choose Compare from the action menu.



The candidates will be shown in compare view with a summary of their application. In the Required Skills column, a green circle indicates the minimum requirement for the role is met, a yellow circle means it is partly met and a red circle indicates that the candidate does not have this skill or experience. The resume of each candidate can be viewed be clicking the link under the picture.



Individual candidates can be hidden by clicking Hide under their picture; use Show All at the top right of the screen, to see all candidates again.

When you have finished reviewing the candidates, use the Return to Job Manager link at the top or bottom right of the page to return to the Job Manager view.

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    Good night everything is always favorable for everyone who are hardworking and who like to work as a team for the best mission of a company where you have found a job opportunity.

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