Viewing original documents

Fitzii automatically converts Microsoft Word documents into Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files. This allows you to easily view documents in a browser window with a single click.

For example, when clicking the Resume button on the Candidate Profile, the candidate's resume will open automatically in a new browser tab.

On rare occasions, the conversion from Word to PDF can impact the formatting of the document, usually if complex formatting such as tables or borders has been used. If you come across a resume that doesn't look right, you can download the original version that the candidate uploaded using the instructions below.

1. Click on the Docs button on the Candidate Profile.

If the applicant has only included a resume with this application, then the original file will be displayed in the modal:

2. Click on the file name to download a copy to your computer and then open it in the required program, i.e. Microsoft Word.

If the candidate has included multiple documents with their application, the converted documents are shown for easy viewing when clicking on the Docs button. (The resume is not shown here as there is a specific button for viewing it). Click on the Original Documents button to display the original files:


The original files uploaded by the candidate are shown for all documents (including the resume). Click on the name of any file to download the original to your computer. Click on Converted Documents to return to the PDF versions.



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