What is a good Fitzii score?

Fitzii provides the science to show you which candidates are likely to succeed. You provide the human insight to help interpret the results.

In other words, the Fitzii score exists to enable your decision making, not to replace it. Your own insight into the candidates, your organization, and the role are also important factors that will help you make a confident final decision.

Selecting high performers isn’t easy. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a test that can perfectly predict success on the job. However, decades of recruitment science has shown that the best way to hire high performers is to use multiple, valid and reliable tests – applied consistently across candidates.

Some of the best tests include objective comparisons of skills and experience, psychometric traits, and structured interviews. In Fitzii, you have access to multiple, valid, and reliable tests for every candidate – something that’s been very difficult or expensive to acquire in the past.

Each candidate has a Fitzii score with three components:

  • Can do the Job (Skills, Experience, Education)
  • Will do the Job (Psychometric Traits)
  • Thrive on the Job (Work Preference Comparison)

Together these three components give every candidate a science-based score out of 100.

What is a good Fitzii score for my job posting?

In general, the more complex the role, the lower the average score. With entry-level or less complex positions, you will notice higher average scores. By scrolling over the “?” beside the Fitzii score you can see the range and rank of a candidate within the applicants who have applied.

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