Changes to Indeed sourcing options - Feb 25th 2015

We work closely with Indeed to make sure that jobs posted via the Fitzii ATS are given the correct priority in Indeed's search results. After a recent review of our customers' jobs performance we've made some changes so that jobs submitted from Fitzii have the best chance of reaching applicants via Indeed.

The main change is that Indeed's organic search option is now an individual option - it used to be included in the "free sourcing" package. This change allows companies that are posting their jobs to Indeed via another method, to not post via the Fitzii ATS and therefore avoid duplicates on Indeed. This is important as the presence of duplicate listings on Indeed negatively impacts the quality rating of a job and makes it less likely to be seen (to protect job seekers from spammy ads - something we're happy to help do)

This is how the sourcing page (this example for a job posted in Canada) now looks:


Here is how the change may impact you:

Employer - If you are an employer and are only submitting postings from Fitzii, there is no change. Your jobs will continue to have organic visibility on Indeed and appear in search results by default. To get even more visibility for your postings, you can continue to sponsor jobs via Fitzii, by choosing the pay-per-click option, or directly via your Indeed account. 

If you're not sure how Indeed is getting your jobs, please ask your Indeed Account Manager to contact and we'll work with them to identify the best source to get your jobs from and ensure that no duplication is occurring.

Recruiter - If you are a recruiter or agency acting on behalf of another company, you will need to ask your clients if the job you are working on is also posted directly on Indeed. Either manually, via the client's own ATS or "scraped" from a careers page. If it is, you should not post to Indeed via Fitzii. If you do you risk impacting the performance of your posting as well as the client's own postings.

Please reach out to your Fitzii Account Manager or if you have any questions or concerns.

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