Product Update: Minor Release - March 31st 2015

Following on from our quarterly release, we'll be adding a few small things to the site this evening that didn't quite make it through testing in time for the main release, but are now ready for prime time. These are:

  • The ability to reset a candidate's status to NEW from either the Candidate Profile (just click on a previously selected status radio button to deselect it and rest status to NEW) or from the Job Manager (a new option under the Change Status menu).
  • The addition of warning modal when deleting comments for a candidate in the Progress Tracker. We received feedback that it was "too easy" to accidentally delete a comment.
  • Adding postal code searching to the Job Manager (the previous release enabled it for theDatabase views only)
  • As promised, further share candidates improvements including a new share recipient notification and tracking of when share recipients finish reviewing candidates in Progress Tracker.
  • Adding an "Events Management" position in the Marketing  category.
  • Changed behaviour (swapping a flash message for a page redirect) for returning job seekers to make application process more mobile-friendly. Also increased size of the "working environment preference" sliders for job seekers to give a better touchscreen experience.

Please send feedback and thoughts our way.

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