How do I add my logo (at the account level)?

Adding a company logo to your account can go a long way in conveying a consistent brand for people to see when viewing or applying to your job posting. Let's take a look at how we can do this. 

1) From the menu on the top of your screen, select Account 


2) Within the Account page, select Branding from the list of activities.


3) Under Branding, scroll down to find the Default Company Logo heading. Click Upload and select an image from your computer. 


4) Once you have uploaded the image for your company's logo, you can choose the Edit option (see picture above) and configure the logo to suit your preferences.  


That's it! Your logo should be attached to every new job you create.  Make sure that when you're creating a job, you select the option to "show company name & logo" (located beside the "Company Name" field).


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